This is How we do it

1. Wood Procurement

One of our key focus areas while purchasing wood is its dryness quotient to ensure that the durability of the furniture is maintained, such that it does not succumb to any kind of infestation etc. To this end, we screen our manufacturers thoroughly and procure high-quality wood like Mango, Sheesham & Accacia. Our procurement process is strictly confined to graded & pre-approved suppliers, in a bid to guarantee top class quality.

2. Cutting & Panel Making

After procuring the wood, we then commence the process of furniture making and make sure that it is created exactly as per the requirement. The measured panels are then fastened to a pneumatic clamp carrier which results in durable robust joints by means of evenly spread constant pressure.

3. Sanding & Finishing

After subjecting the furniture to ample amount of drying time, we introduce the process of sanding which ensures that the furniture has a smooth finish and is devoid of any kinds of scratches, cuts etc. After the process of sanding, we adopt techniques of straining the wood with solvent based strainers, depending on the color choice of our customers so that the furniture comes out in a manner that is not just brilliant but totally outstanding.

4. Quality Check

At Just Wood, we take every possible measure to ensure that our clients receive the best quality of furniture. It is for this very reason that every piece of the furniture manufactured by us undergoes a stringent three-layered quality check in the form of In-Line, Mid Line & Final checks. This helps us ensure that all the pieces of furniture are accurate in terms of dimension, design, wood color, fine finish etc.

5. Multi-Layered Packaging

Our multiple layered packaging ensures that the furniture is safe & secure and reaches you in the perfect condition. We guarantee minimalistic transit impact on account of our four-layered packaging strategy which encompasses bubble wraps, foam, corrugated roles, and outer cartons. Additionally, to safeguard the corners they are covered with protectors while the empty spaces are filled with shock-absorbing filling material.

Last Mile Delivery

Our team of trained personnel monitors the loading of the furniture into the designated containers so that they are shipped to the desired location within the promised and agreed timelines.